Go Go Roofing Services - Roof Revamp and Paint

Centurion, Gauteng 1 comment

Go-Go Roofing Services. gave written guarantee on product and workmanship for revamping and painting factory roof for 10years. Within 3months rust appeared and paint stareted peeling.

Owner sent workers to repaint. Another 3 months later paint started flaking and coming away.

Owner at all times reluctant to take calls. Eventually 1 year since job

was started, sent workers again. Agreement was to paint roof "off-white"

I stopped them when I realized they were painting the roof Pink! Workers maintain this was the paint instructed to use. They packed up and left.... have not returned. Owner does not take my calls.

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"Go-Go" Roofing Services?? Is that even a real company?? Sounds like something out of the Sunday comics.

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